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Our aim is to guide organisations through the complex ERP market place and set you up for success

We bring together knowledge across the industry to give truly independent advice on strategy, selection and readiness.

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Why choose Exordial Partners?

Our Network of Partners

Our network of partners has been built up over many years of collaborating on a wide range of programmes and projects. Through this we have understood how to deliver a lot with a little.

Our Experience

The experience we have gained has come from making serious impacts on programmes at all stages, from initiation through to project turn around and hitting end delivery dates.

Our Transformation Partners

Our flexible model means we rotate our partners in and out of our readiness work, so they are regularly involved with all stages for ERP and Transformation programmes.

About Exordial Partners

Creating the right foundation for success.

We are a specialist business partnering consultancy created from a network of highly experienced ERP and Transformation professionals.


Through countless years of practical delivery experience across hundreds of projects in multiple sectors we have an unparalleled understanding of how critical it is to create the right foundation for success at the start of your ERP or Transformation journey.

Our Services

At Exordial Partners, we provide independent product advice and consultancy services that help you enhance your business strategies and goals. We offer a broad range of services, from program governance and architecture to data quality assessments and partner selection. Our experienced team can help you leverage your business to new heights.

"We understand what needs to be done, but we will not reinvent things that already work for you"

Simon Deeley, Director


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