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About Exordial Partners

Our aim is to guide organisations through the complex ERP Market place and set you up for implementation success to maximise your investment. 

We bring together knowledge from across the ERP market place to give truly independent advice on strategy & product selection along with leadership and guidance to complete readiness work now, securing your implementation timelines. 

Benchmaking has show our guidance can result in more focused and faster procurement timelines and direct feedback from Implementation partners shows our works enables them to reduce project timelines and budgets

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Qualified Team


Industry Leading Practices 


Excellent Client Rating

The experience we have gained has come from making serious impacts on programmes at all stages, from initiation through to project turn around and hitting end delivery dates. Our deep first-hand experience of the full journey means we full know what you can do now to set up for success. Making your timelines and budgets much more achievable.


Our transformation partners will always bring first hand experience. Our flexible model means we rotate our partners in and out of our readiness work, so they are regularly involved with all stages for ERP and Transformation programmes. This ensures their knowledge remains relevant allowing us to adapt consistently to a changing world. We work on practice not theory.

A Boutique Agency

Crucially we are also truly independent. As a boutique consultancy we do not have a product specific implementation delivery practice. This means our only interest when it comes to product selection is ensuring you get the product that fits you best. The current cloud ERP market is strong, with many great products, no one size will fit all so you need to be sure that you are getting the right independent guidance, so you make the decision that is right for you.


This approach also applies to your implementation model and partner selection. Once again, we can ensure you get the right fit and most critically ensure that all the preparatory work is handed over cleanly, allowing the implementation teams to launch into the programme quickly, maximise delivery and minimising timelines.

No fixed methodology or agenda

Finally, we understand everyone’s journey starts at different points. Because of this we do not come to you with a fixed methodology or fixed agenda. We understand what needs to be done, but we will not reinvent things that already work for you, or cover ground that you’ve already trodden. Rather than apply ‘theory’ we take time to understand your need, your current position and advise on what YOU need.

Our Services

Independent Product advice

Programme Structures

 Data Strategy

Change & Transformation Planning

Product and Partner Selection

As-is Architecture and Strategic To-be

Programme Objectives Definition

Business Case

Programme Governance

Data Quality Assessments 

Change & Transformation strategy

Partner On-boarding

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